This Is News Radio

2020 | Australia | 7 mins | 2.39:1 | Black & White
Genre: Drama | Experimental
Themes: Music
Disability represented on screen: Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)
Language: English, with Closed Captioning available

Synopsis: We take you behind the scenes of a busy news radio station where two weary journalists rediscover their passion through a shared love of freestyle percussion. An absurdist take on how news is really recorded.



Bill – Toby Hall
Weatherman – Nick Cecire
Voice Over – Steve Chase
Slick News Reader – John Batchelor
Producer / Conductor – Gerard O’Dwyer
Drumming Technicians – Ciaran Ellis, Steve Konstantopaulos


Director – Andrew Kavanagh
Writer – Andrew Kavanagh
Producer – Dianna La Grassa
Cinematographer – Mikey Hamer
Production Design – Angus Callander
Editor – Jamie Snyder
Sound Design – Geoff McGarvey

Festival Screenings & Awards

Cannes World Film Festival 2021 (France)
Oska Bright Film Festival 2022 (UK)
Port Adelaide Diversity & Inclusion Film Festival (PADI) 2022 (Australia) – Winner: Best ‘Out of the Ordinary’ Diversity & Inclusion Film
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival 2022 (Australia)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2022 (UK)
Barnes Film Festival 2023 (UK)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2023 (UK)
London Short Film Festival 2024 (UK)