Smoke and Mirrors

2023 | Australia | 8 mins | 2.39:1
Genre: Action
Themes: Family | Quirky
Language: English, with Closed Captioning available

Synopsis: A granddaughter is granted a special task by her ancestors; to take back a family heirloom stolen by her uncle. Said to be imbued with an ancient family secret, this heirloom is the key to a sacred superpower passed down through generations.


Suki – Kimie Tsukakoshi
Grandma – Hiromi Ozaki
Uncle – Oliver James Damian
Marcus – Mark Phan


Director – Benjamin Mair
Writer – Benjamin Mair in collaboration with Bus Stop Films students
Producer – Dianna La Grassa
Cinematographer – Andrew Gelao
Production Design – Emma Bourke
Editor – Andrew Gelao
Sound Design – David McCarthy