Lives in Action

2019 | Australia | 9 mins | 2.39:1
Genre: Documentary
Themes: Disability | BIPOC | CALD | Cultural Identity | Human Rights | Employment | Family
Disability represented on screen: Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) | Physical Disability & Mobility | Wheelchair Use | Autism Spectrum Disorder | Intellectual Disability
Language: English, with Closed Captioning available

Synopsis: Hear from six Australians challenging the intersecting barriers of disability and ethnicity.



Interviews – Julia Duong, Sangeetha Punnia-Moorthy, Abrahim Darouiche, Amrita Ramjas, Reuben Vuong, Miranda Chau, Jubran Botany, Catherine Yousif, Chris Yousif


Director – Lillian Paterson, Hawanatu Bangura
Writer – Lillian Paterson, Hawanatu Bangura
Producer – Genevieve Clay-Smith, Chloe Lawrence-Harcher
Cinematographer – Meg White
Production Design – Alethea Deane
Editor – Andrew McPherson
Sound Design – Brooke Trezise
Composer – Jonny Higgins

Festival Screenings & Awards

Doc Edge Festival 2019 (New Zealand)
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019 (Japan)
Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) 2019 (Australia) – Nominee: Best Documentary Short Film
Pittsburgh Shorts 2019 (USA)
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival 2019 (Australia)