Let Me Go

2023 | Australia | 11 mins | 2.39:1
Genre: Drama
Themes: LGBTQIA+ | Relationships | Love
Disability represented on screen: Person of Short Stature
Language: English, with Closed Captioning available

Synopsis: When Ash is kidnapped, he must try to understand his captor in order to escape – but when this confrontation reveals more than either man bargains for, they realise escape isn’t just about breaking physical chains, but unshackling the secrets within.


Ash – Tim Pocock
Mark – Dane Noonan


Director – Ellen Britton
Writer – Ellen Britton in collaboration with Bus Stop Films students
Producer – Dianna La Grassa
Cinematographer – Ashleigh Smart
Production Design – Marisa Martin
Editor – Christopher Hines
Sound Design – Rohan Taylor
Composer – Oliver Reynolds