Dinner Expectations

2023 | Australia | 11 mins | 16:9
Genre: Drama | Mobile Phone
Themes: Disability | Family | Relationships
Disability represented on screen: Neurodiverse
Language: English, with Closed Captioning available

Synopsis: When neurodiverse couple Sarah and Nick decide to try for a baby, they turn to their family for support. When their parents do not react how they hoped, Sarah and Nick must dig deep to discover if they have the strength to do it alone.


John – John Batchelor
Chris – Chris Haywood
Kathy – Karen Garnsey
Sarah – Jana Castillo
Nick – Vitas Varnas


Director – Angela Blake
Writer – Angela Blake in collaboration with Bus Stop Films students
Producer – Dianna La Grassa
Cinematographer – Rah Sharma
Production Design – Alyssa Cook
Editor – Cristobal Olguin
Sound Design – John Tompkins
Composer – Scott Majidi

Festival Screenings & Awards